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Established in the 80’s, Berber Room has been the leader in the world of rug production in Morocco. It is a family affair that wanted nothing more than giving beautiful Moroccan Berber rugs a second chance of finding forever homes.

The story began with Abdessalam El mkhymry, the founder of Berber room that is now run by  El Thami and Ilyass El mkhymry a Father&Son Duo. With their undenying love for their culture and traditions they have kept the tradition and story of the Berber rug alive and known not only locally but internationally.

Berber room is the ambassador of Berber rugs; with appearances in numerous well known exhibitions around the world they have established a name for them in the market alongside some of the world’s giant names of home design. To name a few, Berber Room was present at Hannover exhibition in Germany and Maison objet in France.

The rugs produced in Berber Room have a history, work of hours and months behind them. We choose to work with natural materials and tools to preserve the old ways of rug making. A proper rug, can take from 8 months to a year to be made, keeping in mind that for each rug different techniques are used. With more than hundred types of rugs, we offer our clients the choice between old and new products. The old rugs have a story behind them, usually purchased or traded, they have seen many seasons and years go by, giving them a character and charm like no other.

We make sure to give our clients the best, which is why we travel to the original regions of each and every rug we have at Berber Room, from local regions of Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains villages. Tirelessly working to give you the best quality rugs that have been made with respect to the ancient ways of the Moroccan Berber tribes.

Berber Room is more than just a showroom or provider; it is a family that made sure the history of the Moroccan Berber rug got the proper introduction and recognition she deserves. We are a family that works for the happiness of our clients and to introduce the Moroccan culture and its various specialties to the world.

Moreover, as an established name in the world of rug production and sale, satisfaction of our clients was, is and will forever be our priority.

Berber room, the perfect choice for your handmade Moroccan Berber rug!

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