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Having a custom made rug is a luxury most people thought impossible, the process is usually long and expensive. At Berber Room the impossible becomes possible. You can now customize your Moroccan handmade rug or rugs, choosing the design, color and patterns, with the help of our amazing artisans.The perfect rug for your interior has never been easier to purchase.

Our color pallet gives you the choice between different colors that you can either mix or use singly for your handmade Berber rug. Different designs, patterns and sizes are available at Berber Room as well.

The making of these amazing rugs go through a very meticulous process in order to offer you a product of perfect quality that will outlast time, keeping in mind that these rugs gain more in beauty and character as time goes by. Your rug will not be made in a factory or local shop; we work closely with artisans from the Atlas Mountains regions, guarantying the use of natural materials. The craft of rug making is a tradition passed down through generations, a tradition they cherish and that helps them gain their life honestly. Therefore, keep in mind that not only are you purchasing a custom made rug, you are being a part of keeping this centuries old heritage alive!

Berber room offers a one of a kind experience designing a piece that will decorate your home, a piece made with love and respect to the traditions of Morocco and its amazing culture.


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Choose from our 100% sheep wool swatches, all naturally dyed.

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