Where and how to purchase the perfect home-rug?

Decorating your forever home is a long and creative process that makes the experience unique. Choosing the items that will fill your space have to be match with you taste and aesthetic, for some, simplicity is the perfect choice. Others have different approaches and prefer purchasing different items that come from different cultures and time zones.

The Moroccan Rug is a perfect example of this approach, a timeless piece that has history and culture imprinted on it. So how and where can you purchase the perfect home rug? Keep on reading to know the tips to follow!

  • Search as much possible :

When buying a rug, make sure to visit various shops until you find the right pieces or pieces. Don’t be shy to examine the rugs and ask the materials used in the making of the piece. Layer the rugs on top of each other to be sure to have a good look and see all parts and corners, that way you avoid buying rotten rugs that have been stashed in dark and cold places.

  • Find the right size :

The size of your home rug is very important, if you’re either buying on line or directly in the shop be sure to determine the size of the product you’re buying. An advice, before buying use a centimeter to know the exact size you are buying and if it will fit in the space you intend on decorating with the rug.

  • Do some research :

The rugs are mainly made in tribes all over Morocco, and each tribe uses specific patterns and designs that can mean various things to different people. Therefore, before buying a piece know if you have a preference, make sure to know the meaning behind the tribes’ patterns and the history behind them. It will give much more charm and value to the purchase in your eyes.

  • Choose the perfect material :

Most of the times are made with natural elements and dye, but to be sure what rug suits you best know the exact product used on it. Most people go for wool rugs, but the fact is, some scammers use synthetic materials that are not 100% natural and people end up having a very experience when the rug gets stained or wet.

Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash in Clueless (1995).

As for where to buy your home rug, well, most tribes are now selling their amazing pieces directly to the customers in weekly/monthly souks that take place in the areas of the High Atlas Mountains and EL Haouz. Berber Room on the other hand is one of the few established shops that have been working directly with these tribes to guarantee the growing of their work and culture. The owners of Berber Room have for mission to keep the tradition of weaving alive, they work tirelessly for their business and the people working for them.

Most of the clients of Berber Room come to the shops and are greeted by the owners and discuss rug history and show the pieces they have unique pieces that have been taken care, over a fresh cup mint tea.

Finally, these are just few of the tips on where and how to find your forever piece, it is a process that might take some time, but it guarantees a good quality and unique home rug for your spaces.

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