After sale services and must known tips to take care of your rug :

When you buy a vintage rug it is most likely to be a little rough on the edges and have been mistreated by previous owners. At Berber room we take care of our rugs and make sure they find the right owner.Here are some of the tips and must known after sale services we offer our clientele.First of all, if the tassels or any part of the rug needs fixing, our experienced team takes care of it. We make sure to fix it before sending it to our clients.The need for fixing is usually needed for the vintage rugs, which is very normal as they have been around for quite some time, sometimes our rugs are more than 80 years old.They require special care and treatment, and that is why the Berber room team is known to be the best in this department.

The cleaning process on the other hand is easy but requires attention; most of our clients prefer to send us the pieces to be professionally cleaned, as we use special soap and material to clean the vintage pieces. But, for our international clients who cannot send the rugs or come to the shop directly, here are the steps to follow for cleaning your purchase:

  • Use 2 or 3 buckets of water on your rug and have all the corners and parts wet.
  • Use a special liquid soap that you can find in the nearest shop, this soap is made for the sole purpose of cleaning rugs.
  • Start cleaning with a soft brush, make sure to be gentle, the rug is fragile and needs extra attention.
  • Let it dry in the sun for a couple of days and more to avoid rottenness.
After sale services and must known tips to take care of your rug

These are the main tips and after sales services we offer to our clients, but the list is very long. Every rug is different from the other, some rugs are thicker and resistant and others are more fragile and need special care, which is why we handle every single one of them differently and make sure to give you the best after sales services and care to your unique pieces.

Buying a vintage rug can be very high maintenance, but it is all worth it. Not only are you having a unique and full of history rug but you are decorating your spaces, homes and offices with tradition, culture and hard work of the extraordinary Moroccan tribes.

Make sure to contact Berber Room if you have any further questions on how to take care of your Berber Room purchase!

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